About Me

Nice to meet you

I’ve been working as a systems engineer for 20 years. Currently, I provide L3 technical support for enterprise customers. This role requires me to continuously learn about new technologies, which I genuinely enjoy. However, my journey began differently – my first job was as a real estate salesperson due to my university degree in Economics. Back then, I couldn’t even use Word, Excel, or PowerPoint properly. Given this background, I empathise with the difficulties many people face in understanding IT technologies. I believe my greatest strength lies in simplifying complex situations using plain language.


Explaining complex technologies in simple terms through demonstrations.

I have handled a variety of technical issues and noticed that most of these problems are related to ‘Infrastructure’ and ‘Security’. The scalability and flexibility of the ‘Infrastructure’ are crucial, while ‘Security’ takes top priority for most companies. But there’s no need to worry. To meet these requirements, all we need is a certain level of understanding in these areas.

In this blog, we will set up a system environment in a Public Cloud. It may be compact, but it’s sufficient even for enterprise-level companies. Following that, we will configure various business applications with a focus on ‘Security’ and ‘Cost’. While it’s easy to achieve high performance by investing a lot of money, that’s not my goal. I aim to establish an infrastructure with minimal specifications to save costs, while achieving optimal results within a highly secure environment.