iPerf – Basic operation


“iPerf” is an ultimate speed test tool for TCP, UDP and SCTP.  I heard many times that the system previously worked without any issue but it recently threw lots of errors. This kind of problems were likely related to the slow network/hardware degradations from a variety of reasons (e.g., increased preload or database bloat). In such cases, checking the network performance is one of the reasonable inveistigations. Specifically, if you can idenfity the machines which may cause a performance issue, it could be a good idea to use “iPerf” to check the actual network speed. So, if you are interested in this topic, watch the video file below. I put the command lines I used in the video for your reference. 


* Please replace Highlited Text with the value in your system

1. Open iPerf as a SERVER mode:

iPerf3.exe -s

2. Open iPerf as a CLIENT mode:

iPerf3.exe -s {SERVER NAME}

3. Limiting Bandwidth in VirtualBox:

VBoxManage bandwidthctl {MACHINE NAME} set {BANDWIDTH GROUP} –limit {BANDWIDTH SPEED}