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OpenSSL – How to create Chain Certificates

Introduction Lately, a secure connection has become an essential requirement for nearly all business applications. The significance of a secure connection, especially through HTTPS protocols, cannot be overstated. In this regard, the importance of comprehending the functioning of SSL certificates cannot be underestimated. This holds true even for non-production environments, where ensuring the implementation of …

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AWS – Install NAT function into OpenVPN Server

Introduction We occasionally observe redundancy within the system. Combining two servers into a single unit can efficiently manage various functions, depending on the circumstances. In my scenario, I’ve established a compact system environment with 4 – 6 running EC2 instances. In this context, it’s a wise approach to amalgamate the “NAT instance” and the “VPN …

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AWS – OpenVPN Access Server

Introduction We will set up OpenVPN in AWS, providing a secure and convenient method for remote access to the AWS environment. Furthermore, OpenVPN offers Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) through a simple setup process. This allows us to eliminate potentially risky RDP connections over the internet. An advantage of this approach is the ability to utilize a …

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AWS – Active Directory instance

Introduction Microsoft Active Directory, commonly referred to as AD, serves as the cornerstone of user authentication, resource management, and security in Windows-based networks. It was released on February 17, 2000, as part of Windows 2000 Server and continues to be widely used in the business sector. Consequently, we establish Active Directory as the foundational infrastructure …

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AWS – NAT Device

Introduction Network Address Translation (NAT) is a crucial element in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) ecosystem, enabling seamless communication between private subnets and the internet. In this blog, we explore the essentials of NAT service in AWS installing “NAT Gateway” and “NAT Instance” in ensuring secure outbound internet connectivity for instances in private subnets.  Image of the …

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AWS – Set up a basic Environment

Introduction When we start using AWS, we have to set up some network components like “VPC”, “Subnet”, “Route Table”, “Security Grroup” and so on. We can actually use “Default” of those components that makes it easy because all the connections are open. However, we shouldn’t take the easy approach from the security point of view. …

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